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Superstition Mountains


Friday evening a storm came through the valley bringing rain that lasted throughout the night into morning. The cooler weather was welcomed and I opened the windows to get some fresh air. I relaxed most of the day and did some quick research on hiking the Superstition Mountains with intent of taking advantage of the lower temps. I found a trail called the Treasure Loop Trail within The Lost Dutchman State Park that would take me to an area with natural rock like sculptures called the Praying Hands which I’ve only seen from a distance. And with the recent rains, I knew visibility would be at it’s best.

On this journey I was hoping to find some some pools of rain water that would give my camera something to play with. I had already pictured a desert floor with a small pool of water reflecting the sky with some saguaros and jumping cactus, but I didn’t find that. To my surprise as I drove along East Dutchman Boulevard, a large still puddle rested on the side of the road. I was ecstatic as it reflected the mountains perfectly along with the sky and I quickly snapped a few photos.

I reached the state park, grabbed my camera gear, and set forth. I’m fortunate to live so close to this scenic area and it’s surrounding destinations such as the Salt River, Saguaro Lake, Canyon Lake, and more. However, this was my first time hiking right up to the very base of the Superstitions. It was amazing to take in such views of the valley and put in perspective how large this mountain range is. It’s definitely one thing to see the Superstitions from the valley floor and quite another to be right there in front of them. But I won’t drag this blog entry any further. I”ll let the photos speak for themselves.

A view of Four Peeks off in the distance.

Working my way up.

Treasure Loop Trail Marker

You can see Phoenix in the distance.

A panorama to try and capture what it’s like up there.

The sun was setting as I hiked back down.

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