Navigating the CA & AZ Desert ~ Part 2/2

I stopped in Niland, CA after making my way through the canyon and traveling along the Salton Sea. I was searching for Salvation Mountain which serves as a warm welcome to Slab City. The home to those who lived off of the grid by way of not paying rent, taxes, or participating in what you and I know as society today. Even more so, it was depicted in the film “Into the Wild” which I love and made me more enthralled to bring something on TV to surreal reality. Not to mention seeing the Tree of Souls, but we’ll get to that.

Salvation Mountain has a fascinating history. It was created out of adobe clay, donated paint, and years of labor by US Veteran Leonard Knight whose sole purpose was to spread the word of God through a simple message of love.  He dedicated almost three decades of his life to building this mountain in the desert withstanding temperatures often exceeding 115 degrees before he passed on in 2014 at the age of 82.  A picture of Leonard remains inside the mountain and is shown below.

To this day the mountain is maintained with Slab City remaining just beyond it with the Tree of Souls. This place is its own world and remains hard to describe in words. I recommend you take a visit if you ever have the opportunity to experience it for yourself.

Later leaving Slab City I continued on my way home to Arizona and before crossing the state line, I was greeted with sand dunes. The same sand dunes which were seen in Star Wars. More specifically, Return of the Jedi.  And never have I seen so much sand rolling through the landscape as far as I could see. Because I was pressed for time I didn’t want to pay a fee to enter the dunes themselves, I settled on taking a few photos from the roadside before making my way home where I witnessed yet another fantastic sunset.



The photo above is where Leonard Knight lived.

The Tree of Souls. Above and below photos.




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